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READ BOOK A Kingdom To Call Her Own

READ BOOK A Kingdom To Call Her Own




A Kingdom to Call Her Own

by Alida Scheiderer

rating: 5.0 (1 reviews)

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Fairies are private creatures, thriving in every culture around the world. But where is Fairyland?
Fairyland is hidden deep within the forest under a secret canopy of trees. Only Explorer and Hornet fairies know the way, but they would never willingly share their secret with anyone. But if fairy folk were ever captured, perhaps, they could be made to tell.

But how do you make a fairy tell its secret? Or ward off harbingers of bad news? Or free your father from an enchanted snow globe?

A KINGDOM TO CALL HER OWN will charm and enchant readers as they peer into this brilliantly imagined, magical world. This fabulously funny fairy-tale oozes with more than just neon-green cave snotties, misfits, and miscast spells!

When two unlikely fairies escape from Fairyland with the hopes of reaping the Queen's reward, they embark on a quest to find a Fieirie named Layne. Through a cavernous adventure, they learn of the Fairy Queen’s deception—an alliance with Fieiries and bloodthirsty Glooms.

But Layne, the Fieirie heroine, has bigger things to worry about than pesky fairies. Layne’s stepmother has ordered dark Dwarfs to banish her to the Androlite cavern where she must survive against all odds to save her father and Fairyland.

With the help of an unlikely group of friends, an eight-year-old Lore Master, a frost fairy with a chilling attitude, a fireproof cat, a kilt-wearing mentor, and a woodland sprite who can't cast his spells quite right, Layne realizes what is most important to her. But does she have the magical prowess to save her father and rightfully claim—A Kingdom to Call Her Own?



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price: $2.88
bound: 339 pages
lang: English
asin: B07171LKDM
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A Kingdom to Call Her Own

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Alida Scheiderer


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